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Difference between reproductive shoot & vegatative shoot ?

difference between reproductive shoot & vegatative shoot

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    flower is the reproductive shoot. see diagrams for Bett understanding..Reproductive shoot apex is generally protected by sepals.The sequence of formation of different parts is not repeated. It forms sepals, petals, stamens and carpels besides the internal stem tissues. Normal leaves are absent though small specialized leaves called bracts can be formed. The first internode is usually very long and forms the pedicel. The other internodes are short and commonly indistinguishable. As a result the various floral whorls develop close together. Lateral appendages generally develop in whorls. The summit of the reproductive shoot apex shows active divisions. Growth of the reproductive apex is definite or determinate. The reproductive shoot apex gets consumed in the formation of reproductive organs. Vegetative shoot is protected by young leaves. Vegetative shoot apex gives rise to various parts in a cyclic manner. It gives rise to leaves, buds and stem tissues. Vegetative shoot apex gives rise to normal leaves. Lateral appendages are generally borne in spirals. The summit of the vegetative shoot apex is comparatively inactive.Vegetative shoot apex shows indefinite growth. The meristem is not consumed in the formation of vegetative organs.


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