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May 1, 2020 10:54 pmpts 3 pts
Distinguish between but-1-yne and but-2-yne in detail
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  • Lingareddy 1 thankyou
    tollens test will be given by terminal alkynes... this way they can be differentiated... if ppt is found the alkyne is But-1-yne if not then it is But-2-yne 
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  • Lingareddy 1 Best Answer
    ago But-1-yne is terminal alkyne and but-2-yne is nonterminal alkyne.So but-1-yne reacts with Na to form H2 but but-2-yne does not react with Na.Not only that but-1-yne reacts wit...
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  • Suresh khokhar thankyou
    but1yne react with sodium and release hydrogen gas. but2yne not react with sodium due to absence of acidic hydrogen
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