Madhu Asked a Question
April 4, 2020 12:16 pmpts 30 pts
divergent or convergent..pls do give a worked out solution..
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  • Sumati priya Best Answer
    I think your question should be which of the following is non - Convergent?
    • cropped8895568045154096924.jpg
    • cropped8589448225721149231.jpg
    • cropped7387819016944192610.jpg
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  • Ashish sangwan thankyou
    d) is the correct answer because a,c are converging at 0 and b converging at 1 and d is the oscillatory sequence
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  • Srinath
    d) (-1)^n *( 1+ (1/n)). Upon multiplication, the result is (-1)^n + ((-1)^n)/n. But (-1)^n is an oscillating sequence. Therefore the entrie sequence is divergent.
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