Snehasish ghosh Asked a Question
June 26, 2020 11:22 ampts 30 pts
Do complex eigen values have eigen vectors?Please explain
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  • Ghost.
    yes complex eigenvalues do have eigenkets, even sometimes real eigenvalues have complex eigenkets for example PAULI'S MATRICES. check eigenkets of Sigma(y) matrix. Best regards
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  • Dhairya sharma Best Answer
    dear we can find eigen vector for complex eigen values but we don't need to find that😜
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    Dhairya sharma
    i mean just skip it
  • Chandra dhawan thankyou
    If the n × n matrix A has real entries, its complex eigenvalues will always occur in complex conjugate pairs. ... This is very easy to see; recall that if an eigenvalue is complex,...
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    Chandra dhawan
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  • Anonymous User thankyou
    suppose if you have any square matrices with complex eigen values ,to find eigen vectors corresponding to eigen values we just find out linearly independent solution of characteris...
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    Snehasish ghosh
    sir,please show with an example
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