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Do longitudinal wavrs also travel sinosuidally.ifthey,then what is the difference between the tranverse and longitudinal wave. for a better understanding, pls s

do longitudinal wavrs also travel sinosuidally.ifthey,then what is the difference between the tranverse and longitudinal wave. For a better understanding, pls show them graphically

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  • Himanshi

    and can u tell from where I can learn tensorsand fourrier better


    yeah. sure. You can always use the book Mary L Boas or Arfken Weber for deeper understanding of mp. For practicing question use HK Dass. but try to reply within answer's reply because tutors don't get notification about your doubt if you comment separately.. 😅. If more doubts regarding mp, just post another ques, I'll try to answer as per my knowledge

  • Himanshi

    so don't know whether sir will be teaching us these topics

  • Himanshi

    no net yet familiar with Fourier series


    no prblm. you will learn soon. You read it from some book and post question here if you have any doubt.

  • Isha lohan 1 best-answer

    A very good question indeed. To understand this question you first need to understand the actual nature of sine curve, In general, a wave is just a pattern in some physical quantity that propagates through space. The physical quantity could be something visible, like the transverse displacement of a string or the longitudinal compression of a slinky, or it could be something invisible, like a force or the electromagnetic field. It can be something which has a direction, like the examples in the previous sentence, or it can be something which has no direction, like pressure or density( yes even densities do behave like sine curve) . It depends on the medium and the type of wave. Well, to show it graphically is a bit tough but I can explain it to you mathematically, if you're familiar with Fourier analysis, you'll know that any periodic function can be expressed as a sum of (co)sine waves, or equivalently of complex exponentials. Ask if you still have any doubt. 😁


    both need a medium to travel??


    No not necessary at all, depends on situation . electromagnetic waves are transverse they do not need medium. Sound waves are longitudinal, they need medium. In our earth waves propagate as P wave and. S wave. both need medium, but P wave is longitudinal while S wave in transverse.


    but in dc pandey it was written that longitudinal can travel through solids,liquids as well as gases whereas transverse require media possessing rigidity


    Yes right. see the above examples. sound waved and P waves, both travel trough solid. but it is not necessary for longitudinal waves to have medium. EMT waves.


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