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In Gene f=+)t Vo (v+V)TVsJ Apparent frequency In case of stationary medium v = 0 f's VVolt vTVsJ where Vo Observer velocity Vs SOurce velocity f actual frequency V = velocity of sound ) When source moves towards stationary observ Vs+) S O V-Vs i) When sources moves away from stationary obs Vs(-) S O f'= v LV+ Vs (ii) When observer moves towards stationary source= Vo-) S O
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  • Ruby negi thankyou
    just, keeping these two statements in mind, take the velocities of observer and sources as I said, without seeing their velocities, u will get accurate answer..
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  • Ruby negi
    all formulas are right ,no need to get confuse.. just learn them.
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    I know these are right