Nandini Asked a Question
December 31, 2020 12:37 pmpts 30 pts
While solving this differential equation, I'm getting a different solution when I take the constant terms onto either sides. That is, I kept '-3/4' on the side of the equation that has the term 'dp' and got A= VP^(3/4). Confused of how to proceed from here.
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  • Nitin meel thankyou
    answer dono methods se solve krne pr same hi aayega ..... difference constant ki vajah se h..... or vse bhi constant ki value to kuch bhi ho skti h
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  • Rohit kumar gupta thankyou
    See the attachment foe Ans
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    Thank you sir, but how do we prove that PV^(4/3) = VP^(3/4) ? Thank you.