Rohinee sanchi gartia Asked a Question
January 28, 2021 10:22 ampts 5 pts
Please explain me the doubts in this page related to ACF and AKF diagrams
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  • Ali Asif thankyou
    If you solve ACF for K-Feldspar. KAlSi3O8 then Let's Assume 2KAlSi3O8 = K2O+Al2O3+6Sio2. using this in A = 1+0-0-1 =0. If you taking one molecules only KAl...
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  • Saurabh shukla Best Answer
    Kindly see the figure attached...
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    Rohinee sanchi gartia
    okay I understood the KAl2SiO4 splitting ...but how to do that one of Mg2SiO4 as I asked in the second part for the CMS system?