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e y term is (Xy). rm is (xy). (A) The given equation can be written as yyan x dx X cos- y sin xy cos-y sin X x cos+ y sin X V Co5 V+ V% Sinv dy dx -x ycos- x cos 7 C06 V CoSV X X Put y = Vx ,dv = V + X dx dy Ycos Vt ysinv dx v+ dx x(Vx sin V X COS V) V COSy CO Sy Vx(X COS V +VX Ssin v) -v dv (V dv v sinv+V COS V +V sin V+VC x dx V sinv - COS V 2v cos V dv x dx v sin v cos 10 vsinv- cOS V dx s2 d V COSV X Integrating log(v cos v) = 2 log x + log C, 1 = logXC, log V COSV 1 x C V COS V xC v cos v = 1 xocos1 Cxy cos 1 1000
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  • Piyush thankyou
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  • Deepak singh thankyou
    see attached , there is mistake in some step... go through this..
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  • Nischitha. j
    the steps given in the book is wrong sir
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  • Nischitha. j
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