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Eduncle.com TWo thin convex lenses of focal lengths f, and f, are separated 12 X d Dy a horizontal distance d (where d < f,, d < f,) and their centres are displaced by a vertica separation A as shown in the figure. Taking the origin of coordinates, 0, at the centre of the firss lens, the x and y-c0ordinates of the focal point of this lens system, Tor a pardllel Deam of rays- Coming from left, are given by A X= y=A f+ (A) (B) +f-d + (C) *dl -d)y- A(-d) +dG,-d) y = 0 f+f-d (D) -d f+f -d
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  • Animesh anand thankyou
    This is simply the formula written when two lens is separated at distance d and d
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