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Electromagnetic waves are produced by a) A static charge (6) An accelerated charge (c) A moving charge (d) Charged particles 2. The direction in which electromagnetic waves propagate is the same as that of (a) E XH (6) HXE (c) H (d) E 3. n electromagnetic waves the phase difference between electnc field vector and gnene tiekd vectoris (a) z (b) 7D (C) T (d) t. According to the Poynting theorem, the energy flow per unit time out of any closed Surtace IS (a) Integral of S over the length of the surface (b)ntegral of Sover the area of the surface c)Dierential ot S over the length ot the surface (d)Differential of S over the are of the surface . A radiation of energy E falls normally on a perfectly reflecting surface. The momentum transferred to the surface is (a) E/c (6)2EC (C)EC (d)E/¢* 6. Earth receives 2 cal/min/cm of solar energy. What is the value of HN? a) 1,98A/m b) 2.45A/m C) 3.75A/m d) 4.13 A/ 7. Which properties amount the following is false about dectromagnetic waves? (a) The energy n an electromagnetic wave s divided equally between electic and agnetie vectors. (b) Both electnc and magnetic fheld vectors are parallel to each other and perpendicular to the direction of propagaton of the wave. (C) These waves do not require any maternal medium for propagation (d) Both ekectnc and magnetc field vectors attan the maxima and minima at the same pace and the same time During the propagation of electromagnetic waves in a medhum (a) dectnc energy density 1s double ot the magnetuc energy density (6) electric energy density is half of the magnetic energy density c) clectrc energy density Is equal to the magnetc energy density (d) both electnc and magnenc enerEy densiues are zero 9. The average value of pointing vector Savg 1S given by (a)avg avg E (C) avg 2 (a)avg 10. For an em wave propagat1on from one dielectric medium to anotherdielectric medium,
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    The correct answer are: 1.) c 2.) a 3.) b 4.) b 5.) a 6.) d 7.) b 8.) c 9.) a
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