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September 4, 2020 12:03 pmpts 30 pts
electromagnetism and electromagnetic induction both are same
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  • Abhijeet Gaurav Best Answer
    Electromagnetism is a process while electromagnetic induction is an effect. Electromagnetism is a process through which a material is magnetised (temporarily or permanently) by El...
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    Swati rai
    sir, in physics chapter kinetic theory of gases is going to come in exam??
  • Swati rai
    sir, electromagnetism is a topic or a chapter ,because according to PDF of marks distribution (which is given by u) it is written electromagnetism only
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    Abhijeet Gaurav
    Electromagnetism is broad area which covers Electromagnetic Induction & Electromagnetic Waves also according to Class 12th NCERT syllabus. So, It's actually including both chapter ...
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