Himanshu Pandey Asked a Question
April 15, 2020 1:26 ampts 30 pts
in this numerical everything is ok but the formula using here is possible only at constant V which is not given then how i predict to use
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  • Ruby negi
    Cv is given in the question so there is no other formula to calculate dQ Instead dQ=CvdT.. so don't worry free to apply formulas, don't over think.... best regards.
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    Ruby negi
    I m taking about this question only...
  • Shanu arora
    Answer: it's given Cv in question that's why we are using dQ=Cv*dT . If instead of Cv ,Cp might have given then also the formula remain same for dQ=Cp*dT , it comes from the defini...
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  • Abhishek singh Best Answer
    Still have doubts? I will give you an example to fix this concept permanent. Assume your working substance (or partical under study) is water(H2O). Volume of Water at low temperatu...
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  • Abhishek singh thankyou
    okay! look, here in the first line, they have written (Aluminium at low temperature) . At low temperature volume is assumed to be fix. it's healthy for you, if you do make a note o...
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