Dibydibyaranjan Mohanta Asked a Question
May 20, 2020 6:52 ampts 30 pts
euhedral or anhedral ! do they hold their meaning same both in thin section and megascopic or not?
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  • Rahul kumar
    Dear student, please mark the question as answered if I was able to clear your doubts.
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  • Rahul kumar
    Euhedral means crystal/grain having well shaped edges and faces. Euhedral and anhedral is quite different when you look in thin section and in hand specimen. In case of thin sectio...
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  • Dibydibyaranjan Mohanta
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  • Sajan sarthak Best Answer
    Basically euhedral means perfect grain boundaries are seen under microscope. and anhedral means no grain boundary perfectly developed all are fused. and if you are considering a...
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    Dibydibyaranjan Mohanta
    in which temperature condition euhedral and anhedral crystal are formed??