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Example: Let u and v are two solution of y" + P(x) y' + O(x) y = 0 defined on [a,b] (a) W(u,v) =0u&v are linearly dependent, x ea,b (a) (b) W(u, v) = 0u&v are linearly dependent (c) W(u, v) = 0 for some x W (u, v) = 0 (d) w(u, v) z 0, Vx but u &v are linearly dependent.
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  • Deepak singh thankyou
    see attached solution option A and B are correct if any doubt then reply
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    Deepak singh
    option c can't be correct here..
  • Ankur Rao
    but answer is given b, c
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  • Sonu saini thankyou
    answer A and B
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