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Explain all 3 question. 24. the average translational kinetic energy of o, (molar mass 32) molecules at a particular temperature is 0.048 ev. the translational

explain all 3 question. 24. The average translational kinetic energy of O, (molar mass 32) molecules at a particular temperature is 0.048 eV. The translational kinetic energy of N, (molar mass 28) molecules in eV at the same temperature is (a) 0.0015 The average translational energy and the rms speed of molecules in a sample of oxygen gas at 300K (a) are 6.21 x 10-21 J, 968 m/s (c) 6.21 x 10-2 J, 968 m/s Three closed vessels A, B and C are at the same temperature T and contain gases which obey the Maxwellian distribution of velocities. Vessel A contains only O,, B only N, and Ca mixture of equal quantities of O, and N,. If the average speed of the O, molecules in vesselA is V,, that of the N, molecules in vessel B is V, the average speed of the 0, molecules in vessel C is (where (b) 0.003 (c) 0.048 (d) 0.768 25. (b) 8.78 x 10-21 J, 684 m/s (d) 12.42 x 102 J, 684 m/s 26. M is the mass of an oxygen molecule) 3kT ((V,V,)2 d) M (a) (b) V, 2

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    Priyanshu kumar see for (a)

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    Priyanshu kumar best-answer for (c)

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    Priyanshu kumar

    you know by formula translational kinetic energy ,E =3/2 Kb T where kb is boltzmann constant and 3/2 is also E directly proportional to T

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    Priyanshu kumar Best Answer see this too

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    Priyanshu kumar best-answer reshav today also app is not working...please follow this link


    reshav please too arrange your question accordingly and see the various link which i provide ..hope it helps...sorry for inconvenience as both of us are not able to send images


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