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Explain this underlined line also

right waveplate can do the job in very ittle space. This simple plane-parallel optical device is economical, handles high pulse and continuous powers, and is available in stock or in custom configurations. In form, a crystalline waveplate consists of one or more plane-parallel plates of birefringent material, usually synthetic crystal quartz. In use it shifts the phase of light polarized along its optic axis with respect.to lioht polarized across its optc ax other polarizing elements such as Brewster windows, polarizng beamsplitters, and Iinear polarizers, the waveplate can act as a valve, filter, tuner, or switch. Typical applications In lasers, wavelengths are combined and separated, extremely high pulse powers are achieved

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  • Isha lohan 1 best-answer

    As you may be knowing that quartz crystal and calcite crystals are double refracting crystals, they can change the state of polarization of light passing through them according to their thickness when used as waveplate. This line here says that not only the state of polarization but also the angle it makes with axis changes. Like, a plane polarized light may makes some angle (say a degree ) with x axis before passing through it, but on emerging out you may see that the angle now it makes has become y degrees with x axis. So not only state of polarization but the angle it makes with axes also changes. Now, the amount of change in angle is calculated mathematically using the equations of light, Electric field vector wave equations. Ask if any further doubt.


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