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June 2, 2021 8:42 pmpts 30 pts
Find the solution of the differential equation +5 = 0 with the boundary condition y(0) =2 dx dx and 2, giving all steps clearly. Find the value of x where y = 0. dxo alld=a f/1) = 20'(1) = 4 and
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  • Priyanka kumari thankyou
    haa ye question galt puch rakha hai.
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  • Priyanka kumari
    vese hum x ki value nikal skate hai. most of questions m Y ki hi value puvhte hai. jese inone sol diya tha ush se to ye question misprint lag rha hai.
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    haa mena bhi esha hi solve kiya tha
  • Priyanka kumari
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    merko isska solution ptaa h .... m puch reha huu ki question m humhe value of x find out krni h .... at y=0 prr answer m opposite kiya hua h
  • Pooja
    yehh question eduncle ki unit solved paper m given h
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  • Pooja
    question m humhe x ki value find out krni h prr solution m y ki value find out kr rakha h ....kya yeh question m error h ya solution m ??
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