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36. A Carnot engine Tias 280 K/what is the temperature of the source? 200 cal of hea at this temperature and rejects 150 cal of heat to the sink. Calculate t of the sink and the efficiency of the engine. 37. A Carnot engine whose temperature of the Source is 400 K takee 20o 46. C the mperabute (300 K, 25% 38. One mole of an ideal gas at 22.4 litres is expanded isothermally and reverett bly at 300 K to a volume of 224. litres at a constant pressure. Calculate W,a. NH , AH, AG AH)O (-5-74 kJ, 5.74 kJ, 0, -5-74 kJ, +191]/K and AS. V
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  • Priyanshu kumar thankyou
    when you put log then why you don't multiply here 2.303...So ans comes wrong here
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