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January 04, 2022 • 15:06 pm 30 points
  • Physics (PH)

For particle physics for phd,which institution will be best....iuac(inter university accn centre) or iisc or tifr

for particle physics for phd,which institution will be best....iiac or iisc or tifr

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  • Isha lohan 1 Best Answer

    Every institute have there own pros and cons, Iisc is best for every aspect of Physics, phd isn't about just one subject, phd often turns interdisciplinary, in that case, all other subjects specialist will be available to you, you can visit any department and attend any course which may be needed for your phd. And quality of professors could not be doubted here. Tifr is also good institute as it has very much separate department dedicated to it along with all other subjects plus it attracts with good money and most Indian university prefers phds from tifr to take as professor. You will be exposed to computational side of Physics here. You may go for Iuac, if you are more experimental side of particle physics as it have many large attractive machines for a new comer ( all those accelerators). Iuac will provide you real interaction with large machines along with theory. It depends on you what type of environment you would like more for yourself, all three institutions are very good and differs only in one or two small things. As for my personal opinion, I would suggest that don't go by institution name for phd. What matters more for phd is your guide, the teacher with whom you will work. Check the profiles of professor in all three place and then figure out whose research excites you more, then choose the institute of that particular professor.


    out of this which will be better if someone tries solely in experimental or applied portion not the theoretical physics at all?


    check for iuac, and check which prof is providing opportunity in experimental side. There may be some prof providing experimental in iisc and tifr also, but there majority will be theorists. But exceptions are always there. You should always check profs profile first.


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