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For the reaction H,O(g)+C(graphite) CO(8)+H,O(8), the variation of energy parameter G , AH and Tas' ofthe reaction over a large temperature range is shown beloy. The correct identiff- cation of the curves is given by Liyedrptada 7 kap 96. = n2 t 3.0 o TIK) T (b) A-> AH°, B-> AG°, C-> TAS° (d) A-TAS°, B-> AH°, C-> AG° ,U 2 ! (a) A >AG°, B> AH°, C->TAS° c) AAG°, B> TAS°, C-> AH°
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    dng= 2-1=1 so ds=+ve enthalpy of reaction independent on the temperature. dg will be decreases . because ds+ve( dg= dh-tds)
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