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From which book should i study structural geology for jam

from which book should I study structural geology for jam

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  • Mayank Mishra

    For structural geology, Haakon Fossen is one of the best books to clear your concepts. SK Ghosh is also good, but i will suggest you to go for TK Biswal Sir's youtube videos on structural geology. I bet you will never doubt and will never forget the numerical approach to this topic after going through those videos. He is a professor from IIT bombay. Happy Learning. Cheers.

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    Saurabh 1 best-answer

    For Structural geology, first go through the jam syllabus and note down all the topics pertaining to the respective subject and explore it thereafter. Structural Geology is the most conceptual topic in geology as far as I know and you need to have good concepts of golds, faults, unconformity and various structures that are formed due to these features. MP Billings is surely a good book to start with, but at the end you will find it outdated which itself leads to boring ways of illustrations. But try to cover MP Billings first (because it's the basic book and cover some good concepts as well) . After completing MP Billings, try to read folds and their related structures from Twiss and Moores(good book for structural especially folds) and adding to that read SK Ghosh (especially for fault I would suggest you to go through this book). Rest after completing all the important topics (folds, faults, unconformity, schistosity Or mineral lineation and foliations) , go through previous year papers of jam /gate to get the deeper insight about the type of question they ask specifically. Note: You can go through Hakkon Fossen also if you have time(otherwise it's not mandatory) , it's a slightly advanced book but a good book for GATE and other competitive exams related to geology.


    I have studied structural geology from eduncle notes + a Jain but still, I'm not able to solve questions properly, please suggest me a way to clear my concept


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