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fx) is a periodic function of x with period r and can be express as a Fourier cosine series and f(x) = sinx then the coefficient of cos(4x) is 17. -TT (B) -1t (A) 15 3 1 -1 (D) (C) 37T 157T
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  • Ravi bhushan
    I think that it is a misprint.
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  • Ravi bhushan
    By seeing the options you can choose option 3 as a correct option.
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    Ravi bhushan
    If you see my solution then the coefficient will be -16/15pie
  • Ravi bhushan thankyou
    Here is the detailed solution. I think options are wrong.
    • cropped1957668112930327085.jpg
    • cropped3746225476307963360.jpg
    • cropped4451851087758801838.jpg
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    2sinA cos B = Sin(A+B ) + sin (A-B)
  • Pooja
    kindly solve this question by own
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  • Pooja
    bcz acc. too me there are 2-3 correction required in this solution ... due to which the answer is also not correct
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  • Pooja
    can anyone tell this solution is correct ??
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