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GATE Mock Test Papers 2023- Download Subject Wise Papers

GATE 2023 Mock Test Papers

Hello Aspirants!

Are you appearing for the GATE Exam and want to analyze your performance before D-day? If so, we have come up with mock test papers for you to practice.

Mock tests are online practice papers for students to test their knowledge of a subject. These practice papers are completely based on the latest exam pattern and syllabus.

Solving GATE Mock Test papers will help you know the difficulty level of the exam & assist you in developing critical strategies for the GATE 2023 exam.

Here in this blog, you will find all the related details like: -

Important Features of GATE Exam Mock Test

Benefits of GATE 2023 Mock Test

When to Solve GATE 2023 Sample Paper?

How to Attempt a Mock Test on GATE official website?

     Steps to Practice Official Mock Test Papers

GATE Mock Test – Subject-Wise

Points to Remember Before Solving Mock Test Papers




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Important Mock Test Features of GATE Exam  


The GATE Online Mock Test papers will help you analyze your preparation level and revise the exam’s complete syllabus.

Since Mock test papers are just like actual exam papers, they help you understand the main exam. Therefore, if you want to gain valuable input about GATE Exam, you must check the below-mentioned table to know the important information: 


GATE Exam 2023 Highlights

Mode of Exam

Online Mode: Computer-based exam

Exam Duration

180 minutes (3 hours)

Total Sections

2 sections:

   General Aptitude

   Candidate-opted subject

Types of Questions

   Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)

   Multiple Selective Questions (MSQs)

   Numerical Answer type (NATs) Questions

Total Questions


Total Marks

100 (1-mark question and 2-mark questions are asked)



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GATE Mock Test 2023 – Benefits 


Much hard work and practice are needed to crack the GATE exam. To help you prepare and know the exam level, we are providing you with online test series. You can check the various benefits of solving Free GATE Mock Test papers below:

Understanding Paper Pattern and Marking scheme: We advise you to attempt at least 10 to 15 mock tests before appearing for the actual exam to understand the paper pattern, marking scheme, and types of questions.

Helps in Proper Time Management: You must solve mock test papers to know how long each part will take in the exam. As a result, you can estimate how much time you should set aside for numerical and theoretical questions.

Also, when you solve the mock test practice papers in a limited time, you will get an idea of the time you will need for a particular type of question.

Analyze Preparation Level: By solving the GATE mock test series, you can analyze your level of preparation on your own and start working on your weak points.

You can make a strategy according to your preparation level for the exam. Solve the questions from your strongest topics first.

Helps in Clearing Doubts: While solving GATE Mock Test, you can mark doubtful questions and clear them after attempting the practice paper. This will help you in solving your doubts and have a conceptual understanding.

This way you can increase your score in the GATE test series and the actual GATE exam.


Gives a sense of actual examination: Solving these question papers will provide you with the purpose of the exam. It will boost your confidence when you appear for the main GATE examination.


Mock tests papers are a comprehensive practice resource, and solving them will provide you with extra benefits. They will give you a fair understanding of difficulty of questions and exam trends.



When to Solve GATE 2023 Sample Paper? 


A lot of exam experts suggest that you should start solving the GATE mock test at least 2 months prior to the exam.

     In the first month, solve at least two practice tests per week.

    From the second month, practice 4-5 tests per week.

It is best to focus on your GATE Preparation and cover the entire syllabus along with mock tests. 





How to Attempt Mock Test on GATE Official Website?


Every year, conducting IIT releases GATE Mock Test Papers for appearing candidates to provide an equal chance to every student.

The conducting body does not charge any fee for mock test papers. Students residing in remote areas, where private coachings are less, can benefit from these free GATE Mock Test Paper Series.

If you are an aspirant for the upcoming Graduate Aptitude Test. In that case, you can download GATE Mock Test papers free from the official GATE website, which will be released by October 2022.

Till then, you can solve GATE 2022 mock papers for practice that IIT Kharagpur released on 22nd November 2021.



Steps to Practice GATE Mock Test on Official Site 


Follow the steps mentioned below to download the GATE Online Mock test from the official site:

Steps-1: Visit the GATE official website.

Step-2: Click on the GATE Mock Test button.

Step-3: A page will appear with subject-wise GATE Mock Test links. Click on your subject.

Step-4: The system for exam will open up. Click on the “Sign-In” button directly. You don’t have to fill in credentials in mock test papers.



Step-5: After the general instructions page pops up. Click on ‘Next’.

Step-6: Now, a page with specific instructions for your subject will appear. Scroll down, select the check box and click on 'I am ready to begin'.



Your paper will start. Time will appear in the upper right-hand corner.

NOTE: While solving the mock test papers, ensure you have uninterrupted internet and a good power connection.



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GATE Mock Test – Subject-wise 


Solve the GATE model papers to get maximum marks in GATE competitive exam. Download GATE Exam 2023 mock test papers for your subject from direct links here:


GATE 2023 Mock Test: Subject-Wise

Aerospace Engineering

Instrumentation Engineering

Agricultural Engineering


Architecture and Planning (New Pattern)

Mechanical Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Mining Engineering


Metallurgical Engineering

Civil Engineering

Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (New Paper)

Chemical Engineering

Petroleum Engineering

Computer Science and Information Technology



Production and Industrial Engineering

Electronics and Communication Engineering


Electrical Engineering

Textile Engineering and Fibre Science

Environmental Science & Engineering

Engineering Sciences

Ecology and Evolution

Humanities & Social Sciences

Geomatics Engineering (New Paper)

Life Sciences

Geology and Geophysics

General aptitude (Common Section)

GATE Mock Test Papers 


Points To Remember Before Solving GATE 2023 Mock Test Papers 


Mock test papers are designed to hint at the original question paper. Before appearing for the competitive examination, solve mock test papers keeping in mind that you are giving an actual examination.

Follow the mentioned points while solving the GATE exam model question paper:

 Solve GATE model question papers without cheating. Remember, unethical practices will not be tolerated in the exam.

 Comprehensive understanding is important before solving a test paper. You will get maximum benefits of solving mock test papers when you solve them after regular practice.

 Multiple-choice type questions have negative markings. So only attempt the MCQs that you are sure about.

 Objective-type questions or NAT-type questions need more time to solve as they require specific answers. So, try to keep your mind calm so there will be no mistakes in your calculations.

 Solve the mock tests in the given time duration.


NOTE: There is a reattempt feature available for you to reattempt a mock test paper. If you feel that you lack preparation or making mistakes, solve the same mock test again after practicing.



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Frequently Asked Questions About Online GATE Exam Mock Tests 


Here we have mentioned some of the questions related to the GATE exam, which students frequently ask:


Ques 1: What is the GATE Test series?

Ans. GATE test series are a series of sample question papers for students to solve. These GATE sample papers help students in their Preparation and analyzing their performance.



Ques 2: How to take GATE Mock Test?

Ans. You can either visit the official GATE website or take a mock test by clicking on the links given above in the table according to your subject. The steps to take a mock test from the official website are given above.



Ques 3: Can anyone take these mock tests or only those who will register for GATE 2023?

Ans. Yes, anyone can access the GATE Mock Test papers through the official site.



Ques 4: Is it necessary to give a Mock Test for GATE?

Ans: GATE Mock Tests are important to practice for exams. It helps increase knowledge and plan strategies to overcome their weak areas.



Ques 5:  Where can I find the GATE mock papers?

Ans: You can find GATE mock test papers on the official website of GATE. Subject-wise mock test papers are available for students to solve and practice.



Ques 6:  When will GATE 2023 Mock Test be released by Officials?

Ans: GATE 2023 Mock Test Papers are expected to release in October 2022.



Ques 7: Why is practicing the GATE mock test important?

Ans: Practicing mock test papers are important because they will help you analyze your performance. You can check the areas in which you are weak and making mistakes. Solving these papers will also help you increase your speed and accuracy.



Ques 8: How many mock tests are sufficient for GATE?

Ans: According to Eduncle experts, a candidate must solve at least 15 mock tests before the exam.



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Mock test papers are like an actual exam paper, and solving them will help you become familiar with the real examination. We have provided specific subject-wise papers for you to solve and practice.

We hope the above basic details will help you understand the importance of GATE Mock Tests.

Share this article with your friends preparing for the GATE. If you have any queries regarding the Graduate Aptitude Test, please share them with us through the comments box below.

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Thank you!!



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