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GE AEO01: 2008 Certified Institute and their Propert heir Properties An I50 9oo LetX be a set and f.g: X> X be 3-2 The limit lim equals 40. functions. We can say that fog is bijective if (a.) (a.) at least one of . 8 is bijective (b.) both Í and g are bijective (b.) logas (c.) f is 1-1 and g is onto (c.) log. (d.) f is onto and g is 1-1 (d.) f(x)=e -e8(x) =e +e.Then 38. 41. For x>0, let |x] denote the greatest integer less than or equal tox. Then (a.) Both j and g are even functions lim x r0 (b.) Both J and g are odd functions (C.) J 1s Odd, g is even 42 Let f(x) = in.o (d.) J is even, 8 is odd Write L=lim0 (x) and x0 A bijection is a map that is both one-one and onto. It is given that f:R >R is not a bijection. Which of the following must be true? 39. R= imot S(x). The which of the following is TRUE? (a.) Lexists but R does not exist (a.) Iff is not one-one, then Jis not onto. (b.) L does not exist but Rexists (b.) If fis not onto, then fis not one-one. (c.) Both Land Rexists (c.) fis neither one-one nor onto. (d.) Neither Lnor Rexists (d.) If fis one-one, then fis not ont0. please provide us the solutions of all the sums, sir
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