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Give an example of a linear transformation 7:R-R" such that T (v)= -v for all ve R (6) Let V be a real n-dimensional vector space and let T:V~V be a linear transformation satisfying T (o) = -v for all ve V ) Show that n is even. Use T to make V into a complex vector space such that the multiplication by complex numbers extends the multiplication by real numbers. (l) Show that, with respect to the complex vector space structure on V obtained in (ii), T:V»V is a complex linear transformation (u) (9)
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  • Anusri
    how to find n is even?
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  • Anusri
    second one ?
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  • Navdeep goyal 1 thankyou
    check attachment
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    Navdeep goyal 1
    T(1,2)= (2,-1) T²(1,2)= T(2,-1)= (-1,-2) =-(1,2)