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The surtace tension (7) of a solution, prepared by mixing 0.02 mol of an organicC acid in TLof pure water, is represented as -7 = A log(1 + Bc) is the surface tension of pure water, A = 0.03 N m, B = 50 moF L and c is concentration in mol L". The excess concentration of the organic acid at the surface of the liquid, determined by Gibbs adsorption equation at 300 K is n x 10 mol m. The value o n (rounded off to two decimal places) 1s- (Given: R = 8.314 J K- mo-) e
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  • Paramjeet verma Best Answer
    n =2.61
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    Tejas shewale
    thank you sir
  • Tejas shewale
    please give me right answer..
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  • Tejas shewale
    I got n=3.62 but in answer key it is 2.62
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