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GIven the matrix oi ii i0ii A 0 i ii0 where i 1, then which of the following holds ? (A) Eigenvalues of A are -i and 3i (B) Algebraic multiplicity = Geometric multiplicity (C) Algebraic multiplicity of eigenvalue -i is 3 (D) Geometric multiplicity of eigenvalue 3i is 1
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  • Kanika goswami 1
    check it
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  • Boini vamshi
    and also how you concluded that zero is not going to be the eigen value
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  • Boini vamshi
    okay thankyou but I have a little doubt in this if any number is an eigen value then it's negative is also an eigen value
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  • Kanika goswami 1 thankyou
    only b and d are correct. Check it
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