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grouna states OI Nig-spin OCtanearal and teranedral CO(I1) COmpiexcs are respecttvely. A 12g and A2 ong the following octahedral complexes, the one has the highest enthalpy of hydration is: ICa(H;0)%1*" correct statement with respect to the bonding of the ligands, Me;N and Me;P with the metal A * (b [Mn(H.O)% (C)[V(H;O% (d) [CrH0)%
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    option C Explanation- Experimental H.E. = Theorital H.E. + CFSE V has max. CFSE among these (-1.2∆o). Therefore, has max. H.E.
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  • Priyanshu kumar thankyou
    option C
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