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Group ii 1. polymorphic trans re lacement of coesite by quartz q crystallographically 2. exsolution formation oriented lamellae of r graphic intergrowth 3. eute

Group II 1. Polymorphic trans Re lacement of Coesite by quartz Q Crystallographically 2. Exsolution formation oriented lamellae of R Graphic intergrowth 3. Eutectic crystalli- albite in orthoclase of orthoclase and Zzation quartz S. Cross-hatched 4. Cation ordering twinning in dfoe microcline A. P-1, Q-2, R-3, S-4 B. P-2, Q-4, R-3, S-1 C. P-4. Q-2, R-3, S-1 D. P-2, Q-1, R-4, S-3 (IIT-JAM 2012)

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    Mayank vedwal Vedwal Best Answer

    ans) Option A is correct. coesite and quartz are polymorph minerals. lamellae of albite in orthoclase is an example of perthite texture ( Exsolution texture) . Graphic texture forms by the intergrowth of quartz and orthoclase in eutectic system. Cross hatched twinning forms by the cation ordering.


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