Baishalini Asked a Question
May 23, 2021 6:28 pmpts 30 pts
guprumum of Ce S u dys& se nt greles meiset of S erist D eest memuet.of S J
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  • Prosenjit das thankyou
    yes ,option d is true
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  • Pinku sarkar
    sup(0, 1) =1 but 1 doesn't belongs to (0, 1) so option (1) is incorrect. sup[0, 1]=1 which is greatest number of the set [0, 1]. so option 2) is incorrect. supremum of set of natur...
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  • Abhi 1 thankyou
    ans is d. counter ex for option (a) take a set 1-1/n where n comes from natural no. here supremum of set is 1 and 1 does not belong to the set. counter ex for (c) is take all ratio...
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