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he two 22. A Calcite A/4 plate is introduced between the thu. crossed polarizers (P, and P,) as shown in the figure An unpolarized beam is incident normal to P, from left hand side. Write down the expressions for the m electric fields associated with the beam after P, ater /4 plate and after P,. Also find the state-of- polarization after P, after 2/4 plate and afterP as 2 as observed by an observer shown in the figure. [JAM GP-2013 Optic axis (Faşt axis) Pass axis Pass axIS 45 45 P N4 plate
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    Dear Student,


    Refer the attached image for solution

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    Sagar kumar biswal
    what will be the handedness of circular polarization? And can you write the total electric field expression after passing though that quarter wave plate ?
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