Jeremy c. zodinliana Asked a Question
September 3, 2021 11:33 ampts 30 pts
Hello,in iit jam application How will i wriet my sgpa Like i will round off my mark from 1st to 4th sem or i will take my sgpa of 4th sem.
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  • Jeremy c. zodinliana
    mark i have receive × 40/mark total of 1st to 4th sem it correct the formula i have given
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  • Jeremy c. zodinliana
    sgpa is out of 10 then..
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    Dr suman 1
    To convert SGPA to Percentage, we simply need to multiply SGPA with the number - 10, and then subtract it with the number - 7.5 from the result, which will give us the percentage. ...
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  • Mahak Best Answer
    you have to take average of marks of all the 4 semesters and then write that marks .
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