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August 24, 2021 • 18:57 pm 30 points
  • Geology (GG)

Hello sir/ madam. i want to know the strategy to complete my iit jam geology syllabus in 3 months

Hello sir/ madam. I want to know the strategy to complete my iit jam geology syllabus in 3 months

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  • Mayank Mishra best-answer

    IIT Jam geology syllabus can be easily covered in 3 months, if you are strategical enough. Let me tell you a simple strategy that you can follow to crack the exam in 3 months. Firstly, forget about any party, relative functions, or any other things that distract you from the preparation for these 90 days. Secondly, follow these simple steps and focus on the previous papers as a set template of what to expect in the actual exam. Thirdly, DO NOT refer to more than one book for clearing a topic that you don't understand from the notes you are following. Do not try to complete any book from beginning to end, just go through different topics and particular paragraphs from ONE standard book that too only if you find a particular part or concept confusing. If you have notes, well and good, go through that first, otherwise selective topics from books. 1. Begin with Structural & Hydrology side by side : Go for Hakoon Fossen for structural and Todd for Hydro, look at previous papers and read those particular topics, practice questions after that by switching to other subjects, side by side. 2. Then go for Mineralogy & Crystallography, with Perkins & Optical from WD Nesse, along with Engineering Geology from Prabin Singh, repeat the same for previous papers and practicing questions. Upto now, 20 to 25 days must get consumed, you are left with 65 to 70 days, 3. Take up Petrology, go for just the concepts that are asked previously, from Winter & Sam Boggs or Gary Nichols for Sedimentary, this will take up another 15 days or so, along with these, go through stratigraphy & palaeontology only by previous year questions and learn them, make separate notes for these. Now around 50 days are left, utilise the first 20 days out of these 50, by completing physical geology and geomorphology from Savindra singh or GB mahapatra, side by side go for economic geology by umeshwar prasad, just cover all the facts and concepts asked previously. Keep last 30 days for paper and numerical practice plus revisions for rote learning and facts. Remember, going through all the previous year questions and studying them for all correct as well as incorrect options during your preparation, then revision during last few days, all these will fetch you a seat at an iit, I can guarantee you this. if you maintain accuracy, a rank around 50 is more than possible. Get all the basic things right that most of the people can solve. Just go for it. All the best.


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