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August 12, 2021 • 14:15 pm 30 points
  • Physics (PH)

Here ,why the reflected light is not s polarised and in first picture why horizontal component is blocked

Unpolarized Incident Polarized Reflected Light Light (b) (a) Figure 21.10 (a) A (commercially available) polarized sunglass blocks the horizontal component and allows only the vertical component to pass through. (6) If the sunlight is incident on the water surface at an angle close to the Brewster angle, then the reflected light will be almost polarized and if we now wear polarized sunglasses, the glare, i.e., the light reflected from the water surface will not be seen. Polarized sunglasses are often used by fishermen to remove the glare on the surface and see the fish inside water.

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  • Isha lohan 1 Best Answer

    yeah. i think that author wanted to say s polarized but may be wrong in representing it by arrows instead of dots. It should be s polarized. It may be misprint

  • Isha lohan 1

    As per this book's pic the reflected light is polarized. So can you please be a bit more clear about the first part of your question. In first picture horizontal component is blocked because these sunglasses are made with some Polaroid material having it's pass axis as vertical. So horizontal component is blocled and onlyy vertical component passes.


    mam i know that reflected light is polarised but it should be s polarised and represented by dots


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