Shweta Thakur posted an Question
October 04, 2021 • 21:08 pm 30 points
  • Chemistry (CY)

Higher the coordination number lesser is the stability..for example (be(oh2)4)^+2 or ( be( oh2)6)^+2 in first is 4 second is 6 first is stable than

higher the coordination number lesser is the stability me

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  • Suman Kumar

    This can be explained through bond angle. As you already know that first one is Tetrahedral geometry arround central atom while 2nd one is Octahedral. So moving from tetrahedral to Octahedral we move from 109 bond angle to 90 bond angle. so as bond angle decreases distance between two groups also decreases therefore repulsion increases. But your statement is not a general statement because here CSFE not come in pictures so this statement is partially correct! Kindly accept my answer!


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