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Homog enous Linear D. E: dy +0 d n- A fo m Gnear D.E of tnyf (2) 0 vohere a,,a , a, Q, called Kous Couchy 6 HLD.E the Qic constands Ond )isoofunction 0f7 Rs of 1 of order 'n equ-0 be ritten as be Can ('o+a,7 Gn)yf () e 7 Loq D, D, D D (D,-1) .70 d D TS ohere D dz -d G) .This is my college notes, in this it is given as homogeneous LDE and in the material it is given as non homogeneous LDE, I am totally confused with this.
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  • Deepak singh thankyou
    it is homogeneous if f(x) =0 otherwise not
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