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Vap LSUy OF Une gas. (3) To find the relationship between mass and volume of a gas. MaM Molecular mass = 2x Vapour density - 2x MasS of certain volume of the gas at S.TP. Mass of same volume of H, at S.TP. Mass of 1L of the gas at S.T.P. 2x Mass of 1Lof the gas at S.T.P Mass of 1L of H, at S.T.P. = 2x 0-089 g 2 X Mass of 1L of the gas at S.T.P. = 22-4 x Mass of 1L of the gas at S.T.P. 0-089 RMM Mau 1Md = Mass of 22-4 L of the gas at S.T.P. us, *4 litres of any gas at S.T.P weigh equal to the molecular mass of the gas expressed in ms,* This is called Gram-Molecular Volume (G.M. V) Law ES AND MOLE CONCEPT SECTION-VII. ATOMIC AND MOLECULAR MASSE AND MOLE CONCEPT dioto interest of the scientists
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  • Achyut ranjan gogoi
    At STP condition, we know that 22.4 litres is 1 mole. 1 mole weighs 2g of H2. So 1 litre is 1/22.4 moles of hydrogen gas. So the weight is 2/22.4 gm=0.089 gm
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  • Amol ashok pawar thankyou
    For your reference of 1 l of H2 at stp is 0.089 grams of a gas 1 mole of H2 molecules = 6.023 X 10 ^23 (H2 molecule)= 22.4 liters of volume of H2 gas 1 mole of H2 molecules = 1 mo...
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