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  • Mahendra devanda
    of still have doubt then ask
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    Vijay Singh chauhan
    instead of a polynomial if it were any trig or logarithmic function then how would you have told the order for such BDE?
  • Mahendra devanda Best Answer
    See attachment below
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  • Subham kumar Mahto
    ya y' + p(x)y =q(x)y^n is n order Bernoulli equation so thi is 2 order
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  • Mahendra devanda
    the Bernoulli equation is of order two but degree and order of differential equation is 1
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  • Dharmasam vardhini
    How the answer is 2 ???
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  • Mahendra devanda
    it is first order first degree Bernoulli differential equations.
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    Dharmasam vardhini
    How the answer is 2 ???