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how can I rotate molecules and what is the concept of Ia, Ib, Ic in microwave spectroscopy ? how to rotate a molecule ? what is the role of moment of inertia in microwave spectroscopy ?
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  • Paramjeet verma thankyou
    Every rotating molecule must have some moment of inertia (I = mr²) which can be different along different directions.
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    Siddharth srivastava
    I still can't understand how a molecule could rotate when there is double bond or triple bond present ?
  • Paramjeet verma
    Molecules are rotated along the principle axis ( axis with maximum no. of n where n = 360°/ꂦ ). Ia, Ib and Ic are the moment of inertia along three different axes mutualy perpen...
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    Siddharth srivastava
    still , but I can't get ith either. how can you explain the rotation of molecule with moment of inertia with Ia,Ib and Ic ? can you show in rough , how does the rotation occur with...
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