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Q1. How does increased doping level convert normal diode into Zener diode? Q2.And then how does increasing doping concentration in Zener reduces its breakdown voltage? What particular changes are brought in diode by doping so that it changes normal diode to Zener?
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  • Ruby negi
    read these pages also
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  • Abhishek singh
    For more details. Read this. this will help you a lot. Best regards.
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  • Dhairya sharma
    i hope it will clear to you.
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  • Dhairya sharma thankyou
    The diodes designed to work in breakdown region are called Zener diodes.If the reverse voltage exceeds the breakdown voltage, the Zener diode will normally not be destroyed as long...
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  • Somnath thankyou
    Read it carefully, I think you will get your all answer. The width of the depletion region in a p-n junction diode is inversely proportional to the doping concentration of the n an...
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  • Abhishek singh Best Answer
    When you increase doping concentration, then width of depletion region decreases. This width is the characteristic which decide whether zener breakdown will occur or Avalanche brea...
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    Abhishek singh
    do ask further doubts if any!