Roni pramanik Asked a Question
July 31, 2020 7:59 pmpts 30 pts
how heat of hydration differ in periodic table . please explain with this question
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  • Priyanshu kumar Best Answer
    Hydration energy depends upon size of cation and charge of cation so higher the charge of cation and lower the size of cation have higher hydration energy. So, here Al 3+ will have...
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    Priyanshu kumar
    got roni...??
  • Suman Kumar thankyou
    The attractions are stronger the smaller the ion. For example, hydration enthalpies fall as you go down a group in the Periodic Table. The small lithium ion has by far the highest ...
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    Suman Kumar
    The attractions are stronger the more highly charged the ion. For example, the hydration enthalpies of Group 2 ions (like Mg2+) are much higher than those of Group 1 ions (like Na+...
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