Suhani marwadi Asked a Question
May 9, 2021 9:21 pmpts 30 pts
how many different disaccharides containing D- galactopyranose plus D- glucopyranose are possible?
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  • Abhijeet Gaurav
    It would be mentioned because of this thing only. But the Real answer would be 19 only. As one molecule is a repetition.
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  • Abhijeet Gaurav
    Yes you are right. But if you look carefully here then a-(1-1)-b & b-(1-1)-a are same structure that is {a,b-trehalose} that's why there are written 20 possibilities it's just 19 h...
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    Suhani marwadi
    ok sir that means correct answer is 19?actually in materials provided by eduncle answer is given 20 that's why I asked.
  • Abhijeet Gaurav thankyou
    Correct answer is 19. D-glucopyranose exists in both α and β forms. The glycosidic bond can be formed between the anomeric hydroxyl group on one glucose unit and any hydroxyl gro...
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    Suhani marwadi
    Sir 20 hue na total to answer 20 hona chahiye na?
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