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Tensuy OF (3) To find the relationship between mass and volume of a gas. A Mamol oF the gas. the gasS. DC vo 1 mm VOlecular mass = 2x Vapour density Mass of certain volume of the gas atS.T.P Mass of same volume of H, at S.T.P. X RE oMass of 1L of the gas at S.T.P. Mass of 1Lof the gas at S.T.P. = 2x- Mass of 1L of H, at S.T.P. 0-089 g 2 0-089 Mass of 1L of the gas at S.T.P. = 22-4 x Mass of 1L of the gas at S.T.P. RMM Mauy al LuAu Co 0-089 = Mass of 22-4 L of the gas at S.T.P. Thus, 224 litres of any gas at S.TP weigh equal to the molecular mass of the gas expressed in
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  • Yashasvi yadav
    mass = density* volume
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  • Achyut ranjan gogoi thankyou
    At standard temperature and pressure we know that 22.4 litres is 1 mole. 1 mole weighs 2g. So 1 litre is 1/22.4 moles of hydrogen gas. So the requires weight is 2/22.4 gram =0.089 ...
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