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How much heat energy has to be removed from 2.0 kg of water at 20 degrees Celsius to make it ice at -12 degrees Celsius? Specific heat of water= 4186.J/kg. K, Latent heat of fusion= 333000 J/kg and specific heat of ice= 2100 J/kg O a 218 x 105 J Ob 884 x 105J Oc8.33x 1014 J Od 8.33x 103 J
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  • Anshum Sharma thankyou
    The formula you will use to find the energy is Q=mc∆t. where: c= 4186J/kg° C m= 2 kg ∆t= 20°C - (-12)°C= 32°C Now just substitute in the values; Q=mc∆t. Q = (2 kg) (4186J/kg...
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