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How rain is associated with volcanism process

how rain is associated with volcanism process ??? why rain occurs with volcanism process

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    It's all because of the various gases Or ashes that are hence produced pertaining to the respective volcanic activities . Actually, Hot ash from volcanic eruption has the capability to rise upto colossal heights and as they are in high temperature and ultimately lifts the surrounding air in their vicinity which expands and cools, causing its dissolved water vapour to condense and fall as rain. Frankly speaking, if you consider the fact that small ash particles form a dark cloud in the troposphere that shades and cools the area directly below(I'm assuming that you are already aware of various atmospheric layers of the earth, of which troposphere is the layer where all the species thrives in different physical conditions and cloud formation takes place in this layer only). Various fumaroles produce or eject different types of gases like sulphur and carbon dioxide in colossal amount which results into, what we call acid rain. Also, volcanic ashes ain't much heavier as compared to the air above the volcanoes (I'm talking about volcanoes specifically here , but you already have seen these ashes while cooking food using wood) and they can travel to hundreds of kilometres in the nearby regions or have some distant approach. Hope it helps:) In case of further clarification if needed, do let me know.


    yes sir I want some more clarification


    kindly ask specific question


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