Krishna shukla Asked a Question
April 27, 2021 2:30 pmpts 30 pts
how to do q 17 I am unable to do this question please send solution................
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  • Gattu uday
    option d is correct
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  • Krishna shukla
    please tell me that if A and B are similar then i can change A with help of EROs into B but i am u able to do this i am getting an extra entry at place of i=1 and j=1 in matrix ple...
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    Deepak singh
    If A and B are similar matrix then there exist a invertible matrix P such that B=(P^-1)A(P).
  • Sonu saini thankyou
    answer is D
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  • Deepak singh Best Answer
    option c
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    Deepak singh
    similar matrix have same rank and same det
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