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April 23, 2020 4:59 pmpts 5 pts
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  • Anika
    if answer is mark by student best answer or thank u then earn point
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  • Ashish sharma
    and if you are enrolled student in Eduncle then you will not assign any point to post a question on app.
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  • Ashish sharma thankyou
    if you answer as a student and your answer is marked as thank you then u will get points same as the question point but if it marked as best answer then u get more than that
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  • Ashish sharma
    if u comment answer as a student then u get 1point and if you are tutor then you will get more points after the student mark the answer as thank u/best answer as per the batch of t...
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  • Anika thankyou
    give answer and earn points
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  • Shashi bharti
    As explained in our app
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