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Yction of saeple tion of saope Note that this method requires the working out of th 2 ) which is not always easy. the p.d.f. (p.n Example 17-13. Let x1, 2 n be a randomn sample from a unifom poy opwle T0, 01. Find a sufficient estimator for 6 0Sxse Solution. We are given: fe()= 0Sxs 0, otherwise 1, if asb then flx) = *0, 1) k{s, Let k(a, b)= 0, if a> b k(0, min x) k(max x, 8) 1sisn 1siSn ge ltbx) L-II foor) k0. 3) ke, 0) i1 k{tx), B t(x)= max X and h(x) = k{0, min x) where 8eltx)]=&{U), 0) 1siSn 1SiSn Hence by Factorization theorem, T= max X, 1S Sutticient statistic for e 1Sisn Aliter. We have L-II fr, e)-0
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  • Shubham chaudhari
    this a proper way to find sufficient statistics.
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  • Tanu sharma
    I'm confused to find sufficient question can you please tell me about sufficiency
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  • Anuj s. thankyou
    its take condition for maxima and arrange i give the condition and alternate solution
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