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Example 12.5 A rubber band can be modelled as a polymer involving N molecules linked together end-to-end. The angle between successive links is equally likely to be 0° or 180°. Calculate the number of arrangements that give the overall length of L = 2md. Solution: Let us assume that there are N* links of 0° and N links of 180°. Then, Nt +N=N and N N =2m On combining these relations, we can write Nt-m and N =- m 2 Hence, the number of arrangements that give an overall length of 2md is given by N! 2N G(N, m)= - N Nt IN - m
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    Here in the last step number of arrangements are written by the combination of total molecules N to the molecules of N+ and N- which are the constituent molecules. then we put the ...
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